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French Language Acquisition

The ability to speak more than one language is more crucial in today’s global world than ever before and is an integral part of the IB programme. French is widely regarded as the second international language in world affairs after English and is spoken in over 53 countries. Students studying French will not only develop a strong command of the language but also an insight to the culture of Francophone countries.
Students study units that have real relevance to the outside world and to their own interests. They take part in a wide range of innovative and engaging units from creating and sharing their own recipes in French to filming their own health & fitness videos in French.
The lessons are interactive and challenging. Students are expected to be independent learners and develop the skills to deduce language for themselves so that their language learning will remain with them long after their formal education finishes.
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Danish Language Acquisition

Danish B is for students who are learning Danish as a foreign language. The major focus for Danish B is working with communication skills and learning about Danish culture and history.  

In MYP the students have 4 lessons a week, which follow the IB Language B programme, as it is described for Language B French. The students are organized into phases according to their language ability and experience from Phase 1 to Phase 6 (with Phase 1 being beginner level and Phase 6 being native speaker level) and should expect to move through the phases at a rate of one phase a year. So a student who joins the school in Phase 1 Danish in MYP1 and stayed at the school for all five years of the MYP would expect to finish MYP5 as Level 5 or 6 Danish. We recognize that students coming to AAGE have very different previous experience in speaking, reading and writing the Danish language and assess all incoming students carefully in order to place them correctly in phases.

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German Language Acquisition

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