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Individuals and Societies

MYP Individuals and Societies (I&S) is a course designed to give students the chance to inquire into a wide range of human activities from various perspectives, so that students are able to understand and respect the world around them. At AAGE MYP I&S is delivered as a course of modules in three different humanities subjects – geography, history and human study. Human study covers themes and issues relating to sociology, psychology and anthropology. The year’s work is divided into a series of six units, rotating twice through the above mentioned modules. Integration within the different modules, as well as with other social science disciplines (such as economics, politics and religion) is integral to the MYP Humanities course.
Guest speakers and field trips are planned parts of the MYP I&S curriculum. For example, for our unit on poverty eradication, students in MYP 1-2 will hear a guest speaker discuss development aid, and for a history unit focusing on Vikings there is potential for a fieldtrip to Lindholmhøj Museum and the Viking Burial Site in the city centre. The aim of MYP I&S is to allow students to enhance their appreciation of, and participation in interactions with individuals, societies and environments. The aim of MYP I&S at AAGE is to facilitate experiential learning and thereby enable students to connect the course content to their own lives, as individuals, community members and citizens of the world.  
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