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At AAGE Design is one of the eight core MYP IB subjects and is an essential element in every student’s education. In the MYP students are involved with a number of different projects, experiencing a variety of design and making tasks that all require the use of all, or part of, the Design Cycle. The Design Cycle underpins every unit that is covered and is extremely relevant and transferable to the real world and everyday living and innovation.
By the end of the MYP students will have designed and worked with a variety of different materials and processes. From resistant materials to textiles and graphics to CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture).
In the future it is also hoped that Food Technology will become a part of the Design curriculum at AAGE.
Why is Design important?
The teaching of Design prepares students to participate in tomorrow's rapidly changing technologies, by learning to think creatively.
How do pupils benefit from learning Design?
The subject calls for students to become problem solvers, both as individuals and in groups - looking for needs, wants and opportunities and responding to them by developing a range of ideas, making products and systems.
Practical skills are combined with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices. In the learning process pupils can reflect on and evaluate present and past Design, its uses and effects.
Through Design, all students can become discriminating and informed users of products, and become innovators.

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