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MYP Curriculum

The MYP is an interdisciplinary programme with eight distinct subject areas:

            Language and Literature (English, Danish and Japanese)
            Language Ac (French and Danish)
            Individuals and Societies
            Physical and Health Education 
            Interdisciplinary Learning

However, in the MYP these subject areas are often combined and studied together for particular units of work, known as Interdisciplinary Units. Examples of these units could include a study of a particular period across Language A, Humanities and the Arts, eg The Renaissance, or an aspect of science that could be applied in PE, such as how a knowledge of projectiles can improve performance in throwing skills. 
In the final year of the programme MYP5 students complete the Personal Project, which is the accumulation of all the ATL skills they have studied during the course. Each student picks a topic that they are personally very interested in and completes a major essay or project. This involves an intensive period of inquiry and research, followed by the making of the product itself, which could be a piece of art, music, a physical product or a business plan, as well as a traditional piece of written work, finishing with a vital period of reflection and evaluation. This project is very valuable as preparation for the Extended Essay in DP as well as study in Higher Education.