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Intercultural Awareness

AAGE is an international school and we have 30 different nationalities attending the school.  However intercultural awareness is not taken for granted but is something that all members of the AAGE community strive to achieve everyday.
International Mindedness
The MYP classes at AAGE have a specific lesson for International mindedness each week where we focus on important global concept such as conflict, poverty, systems of government and population.  The students prepare presentations and assemblies for the younger students and we invite a range of guest speakers in to give different perspectives on the issues we are studying.  The school has an annual international day where we celebrate and explore all the different cultures that we have at AAGE.
Mother Tongue Programme
AAGE supports and promotes the native languages and cultures of all its students with an active mother tongue programme.  Weekly lessons are offered in Japanese, and we hope to add Chinese, Russian, Spanish,Tamil, Arabic and Hungarian as the school grows. The mother tongue teachers and volunteers also offer language and culture clubs in our ASA programme to deepen our students understanding of these cultures. The MYP library is also well stocked with books from all of our main language groups at the school.