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Holistic Learning

Holistic learning in the MYP means education of the whole student with the learner at the centre of the process.  As well as our rich, balanced curriculum we have several other supporting programmes, which address this vital area.
Homeroom Programme
The homeroom programme is organized into themes lasting roughly six weeks each and addresses Personal and Social Education, as well as Approaches To Learning skills, such as organization and collaboration.  The programme is age appropriate and becomes more adult and complex as the students progress through the MYP levels.  Themes include research and study skills, exam and test techniques, relationships, physical and mental health issues, safety and careers advice.  The homeroom is also at the heart of pastoral care at AAGE and the homeroom teacher is responsible for all matters of student well-being.
Community and Service
All IB students are encouraged to take action based on their learning to help to improve both their own local communities and the wider world, and in the MYP this action takes the form of community and service.  All MYP students are expected to complete several projects each year, both inside and outside school and as they progress through the MYP levels the projects should get wider in scope and ambition.
Field Trips
AAGE MYP students have two opportunities to go on field trips during the school year.  One is near to the beginning of the year and focuses on team building and outward bound activities which enable the students to get to know one another and work on their collaboration and communication skills as part of the ATL programme.  The other trip, in the spring, is curriculum based and takes the form of an interdisciplinary unit, involving several subjects, centred around a geographical area.
Project Based Learning Week
This week happens at the end of the school year and involves the five Areas of Interaction of the MYP, with a different expedition each day based around ATL, Community and Service, Health and Social Education, Human Ingenuity and Environments.  This is an exciting and unique opportunity for the students to get out of the classroom and apply their knowledge and skills to real world situations.