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Communication is a vital aspect of being human and is encouraged and celebrated at AAGE both as a Learner Profile attribute and an ATL skill, as well as through our whole curriculum and in our daily life.
The school accepts students who do not have native proficiency in English (our language of instruction) into MYP 1-2 and provides both in-class support and extra tuition for as long as they need it, from qualified EAL staff. These staff directly teach the students in small groups, co-teach with the subject teachers or provide differentiated support within lessons. They also lead Professional Development sessions for teachers to help them to support these students effectively in their classes.
Communication with Parents
Communication with parents is primarily by email or face to face conversations.  Parents can log onto ManageBac, the school’s online management system to see what their child is studying in each subject and can track their progress in all their assessments. This tool is also used to store student’s work digitally and to give out information about events at school.