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Middle School



At AAGE, the Middle School caters to students from MYP1 to MYP5 (Grades 6 to 10) and aims to provide them with a balanced, comprehensive and transferable education. We offer an IB inspired Middle Years Programme, as well as a programme of extracurricular activities as enrichment.

There are eight main
curriculum areas in the MYP:

            Language and Literature (English,Danish and Japanese)
            Language Acquisition (French,Danish and German)
            Individuals and Societies
            Physical and Health Education 
            Interdisciplinary Learning

Each of the eight subject areas of the MYP curriculum receives equal tuition time, according to the guidelines set down by the IB and we also follow the guidelines and objectives set down by the Danish Ministry of Education. All of our MYP teachers have a degree and teaching certification in their individual subject areas and this combination of highly qualified staff and the IB framework ensures a rigorous and high standard of international education. The fundamental concepts of the MYP are Holistic Learning, Intercultural Awareness and Communication.

Holistic Learning
Holistic learning in the MYP means education of the whole student with the learner at the centre of the process.  As well as our rich, balanced curriculum we have several other supporting programmes, which address this vital area. 
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AAGE is an international school and we have 30 different nationalities attending the school.  However intercultural awareness is not taken for granted but is something that all members of the AAGE community strive to achieve everyday. 
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Communication is a vital aspect of being human and is encouraged and celebrated at AAGE both as a Learner Profile attribute and an ATL skill, as well as through our whole curriculum and in our daily life.
Please find a copy of the MYP Parent Handbook here.