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School policies

Behaviour Policy


Language Policy


This policy is intended to provide an overview and guiding principles for language learning at AAGE, which permeates the entire school curriculum through authentic contexts in a culturally rich and diverse environment. Our policy is a statement of agreement—one to which the staff and the AAGE community are asked to commit to, so our school can achieve its mission.

You can download our Language Policy here

Assessment Policy

At Aarhus Academy for Global Education we believe assessment is an integral part of the instructional cycle and drives the improvement of the learning process. Effective assessment practices allow for the gathering and analysis of information and encourage effective teaching and learning. It is crucial to assess the process and/or product through both formative and summative assessments. In order for our students to become productive citizens, they should engage in authentic learning opportunities that reflect real-world challenges.



This assessment policy has been created by the entire team at AAGE, as an open and organic document so that all members of the learning community, (students, teachers, parents, administrators and board members) are aware of our philosophy, standards and practices as regards assessment. This unity and coherence will ensure optimum student learning and educational excellence across the curriculum.

You can download our AAGE Assessment Policy  here  




Academic Honesty Policy

This document is to be read and implemented in conjunction with the MYP and PYP Policies for Acceptable Use of the Internet, which all students and parents have signed.
At AAGE, all members of the community aspire to live and study according to the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile attributes and academic honesty is at the core of the very important attribute of ‘Principled’. We are fully committed to academic honesty at AAGE and are working to ensure that all students, parents and teachers fully understand its importance and what their responsibilities are in this area. The purpose of this policy is to define academic honesty and to outline the procedures that will be followed in case of breaches of this policy.

You can download our Academic Honesty Policy here


Data Protection Policy

Please see our latest Data Protection




IT Policies

These documents outline our school's guidelines for acceptable use of technology and the Internet.

You can download our PYP IT policy here and MYP IT policy here