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All students in PYP1-MYP4 must wear a uniform when attending classes, with the exception of Physical Education. The uniform is purchased online via PMG Retail’s website here.
The uniform consists of a white or burgundy polo shirt, with AAGE’s logo, navy blue trousers, or skirt and an AAGE sweater or sweatshirt. Students are encouraged to also purchase school burgundy jackets, also with the school logo.  There is no dress code for shoes, but they must be school safe and appropriate. Trousers and skirts do not necessarily have to be purchased via PMG, but they must be blue. Denim is acceptable, provided the trousers are school acceptable in terms of style and length and do not have any holes. Skirts should not be overly short and short shorts are not acceptable.

Students in MYP5 do not have to wear the school uniform, but must adhere to the school dress code, which applies to senior students and staff.

These are the main features of the dress code:

Clothes should be safe and appropriate for a school environment.
Extremes of dress are discouraged due to our multicultural environment.
Shoes should be hardwearing and suitable for the weather conditions.
Appropriate sportswear must be worn for PE lessons.

These guidelines also apply on Fridays which are designated “Dress Down” days for students and staff.


What we expect in IB Physical Education at AAGE

 Students must bring correct PE kit to class:

•  shorts/t-shirt/tracksuit bottoms/long sleeved top (weather depending)
•  indoor sports shoes
•  outdoor sports shoes
•  jewelry removed
•  long hair tied back


You can order the uniforms here.