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October 10 - 2017

Motionsdag Friday 13th October 2017!

PYP4-8 will be running scenic 1km laps around Tangkrogen (500m from school). They have 35 minutes to complete as many laps as they can in this time. MYP1-5 will complete a 5km run/ jog starting from Tangkrogen. They will then run along the beach on Strandvejen into Marselisborgkov before turning around and finishing back at Tangkrogen. All students should come to school in sports/running clothes and shoes. We will continue with the event even if its raining so if forecasted please come prepared for cold and rainy weather. The event will take place between 0800-1145 (run starts at 0930, post run assembly starts at 1100, dismissal from school 1145) we would like to encourage as many parents as possible to come participate with their children, set a great example and make the day a success! If there are any PYP4-8 parents who would like to volunteer their help being stewards (guiding students in the right directions) please contact Mr Tom for PYP4-8 ( or Ms Holly for MYP ( Those PYP4-8 students who require childcare from 1145 onwards on this day please email Mr. James ( What better way to head off into the autumn break than with a day of activity and fun!